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Big City
Years pass,
the wallpaper is turning yellow,
as I sit and stir my coffee,
It's black the way you've always made it,
Like char.
Effervescent as always,
you putter around in your apron,
only the wrinkles around your eyes
could persuade me that I've been away for so long.
Somehow I'd forgotten your kind smile,
taken for granted your warm nature,
I could just about cry thinking of all the time I spent
Out in a loud and buzzing world
full of callousness and iniquity.
The cat clock tics away,
the pie in the oven is turning golden brown,
as I sit and eye the reflection in my coffee warily.
Even in the murky, shiny blackness
I can see the wear in my face
the tired in my eyes
I can feel the wrinkles setting in,
I can feel the grey hairs growing in,
A big sigh comes out.
The scent of apple and cinnamon fills the air
spilling out the open window,
In anticipation I lick my lips.
I could have stayed here the whole time,
the thought crosses my mind,
I could have been here the whole time
eating this
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A Cold Beauty
It is cold and beautiful outside.
The shadows and the hues are dream-like and their sinister undertones are softened by the haziness of a sky brushed only with the slightest sign of sunrise.
The glow of streetlights is all at once strange and fitting.
A quiet testament to the presence of civilization in an otherwise rugged landscape.
It is in the silent waking of the world that my thoughts can come to fruition.
At all other times my head is jumbled, my words scrambled, my mood hectic.
With the mind pushed past the state of sleepiness, it emerges on the other side of consciousness.
The side that is calm and serene.
With no want of rushing.
No worry that phrases and theories could be swept up and drowned in the ever-rushing current of my mind.
It is cold and beautiful outside.
By all outwards appearances, this is how I am most oft described.
The angles and the curves of my features are dream-like and their sinister undertones are softened by the haziness of a smile brushed only with the
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A soft moan...
a child sobs
deep in the stalks of the garden,
A vision of blurry memories
like over-exposed photographs,
In the corners of my eyes
I can see your arms around me,
feel the earth shaking,
or is it me that's shaking,
in the sturdy braces of your grasp?
wet and salty,
red eyes stinging,
drowning my eye sockets's me that's crying.
:icondeep-sea-carrots:deep-sea-carrots 0 0
Today + Tomorrow
Look in the mirror,
a skeletal reflection,
a ghostly complexion,
Went down to the doctor's,
said I need a new direction,
a miracle, a resurrection
"are you gonna let yourself whither away?"
and all I want is to punch that sucker in the face
Because, by god, I am alive today.
And no amount of threatening, cajoling, or regretting can change the fact that
I'm alive today,
Between what I have and what I owe,
on god's green earth I do not know
ever the direction the wind will blow,
I've been circling this mountain,
going miles around just to see if
there's a pathway leading up,
And I've been swimming like a salmon,
struggling upstream my whole life.
i know I've made it farther than even I bet on,
and I'm not anywhere near quittin',
I'm here to stay,
I've got a whole life left to be livin'
And the man who I can give it to,
No, I will not perish,
Not while there's breath left in me,
By god, I am alive today.
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Spring's Eve
Down soft corridors of green
with eyes alight and smiles serene
the downy moss beneath our feet
with your arm in mine, I feel complete
The flowering trees
laden with blossoms
swaying above
against a darkened sky
Soft voices echo
the blanket of a woven melody
could comfort all sorrow
and renew our worn hearts
And nervous to face you
I'd walk on forever
delighted just to feel you by my side
And too nervous to embrace you
I'd let myself linger
a friendly ghost at your bedside
The little lighting bugs come out in twos and threes
their swaying movement entrancing between the trees
Lanterns glowing softly, sweetly
through the fog ahead
as we are parading
down the avenue to bed
And when I tuck the blanket
under your dear, little chin
and your weary eyes are resting closed
shall I give you a kiss, and another again?
Even in my dreams I'm wary to let you slip away
so even in my dreams, by my side is where you'll stay
And though I rarely catch you
in your sleepy, dewy grace
eternal is that image
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United States
Welcome to my under water world.

Here you can find my
drawings - photography - poetry

Please Enjoy.

Current Residence: CT, USA
Favourite genre of music: reggae
Shell of choice: snail
Favourite cartoon character: Hobbes
Personal Quote: it's not about perfection, it's about adaptation
It's christmas. Just getting that thought out of the way. New Year's almost here. New Years brings new things in the new year. Things like studies. Things like work. Things like love. Things like drastic changes.

I am giving serious thought to just making a photoblog, as I just have too many photos I want to put up. I'd put up a photo a day if I could, but DA isn't that kind of site. I like DA, though. I like the format. Very simple, effective. Welcoming, familiar. I hate blog formatting. That's a big one on the "con" list.

I've cycled out of photography and into writing. (My artistic endeavors always go in these large and annoying cycles, sometimes months of obsessing over one thing and forgetting all else.) A bit of sketching here and there. It's all very limited. I'm stagnant at the moment. When my studies start and my time is limited my artistic expression will grow exponentially and inversely. If that didn't make sense that's because I'm a man of art, not mathematics.

I have yet to try writing and drawing in combination, but I am drawn to illustrative work. I feel that one day, perhaps after some time to study it, I will really devote myself to it. Of course, I feel that way about three dozen other artistic forms of expression. And in this case, my math is not grossly inaccurate.

Can you tell I've been writing? My writing capabilities have already drastically improved with the little practice I've had recently. I feel I am still no where near my par. I'm thoroughly embarrassed.
  • Listening to: Tron: Legacy Soundtrack a lot lately
  • Reading: fanfiction... *embarrassment*


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I actually have some old sketches of these "carrot people". They are people with carrots for heads, just doing normal every day things. I never posted them because I thought people would question my sanity... Funny, as what other people think is usually the last thing on my mind :/
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